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Aspired Dreams is a book consulting company, based in NYC. Our goal is to inspire and motivate writers to believe in their visions, turning their dreams into realities. We take pride in providing immaculate editing, ghostwriting, proofreading, and publishing consultation services. We will take your simple manuscripts, and turn them into a published, polished piece of literature.  Take a look at the books we've produced for clients so far!

If you have dreams of writing and publishing a book, under the "Booking" tab, schedule a consultation so we can turn your dreams into realities too!

The Naked Truth

After ghostwriting this book, I've probably read it nearly 500 times and each time is just as inspirational! This book first started out as a weight lost guide, but soon turned into someone's light at the end of the tunnel. Click the link below to check it out on Amazon!

Passions to Profit

I am extremely proud to share the latest book we have just produced! "Passions To Profit" is a very insightful read and provides as guidance for entrepreneurs who have a knack for social media. Officially released on Sunday, Chelsea Alana has taken the Instagram game by storm and tells us how she does it in her newest book! Check it out below.


My Dreams: A Collection of Heartfelt Poems

"My Dreams" is the first poetry book we have ever produced and we had a blast watching it come to live! Zolita shares her deepest feelings and thoughts in this collection of poems that really takes readers deep into current and past dreams of hers.

The Millennial Guide to Survival

A short & purposeful read for millennials of today! Jeremy Grissom shares his trials and triumphs throughout relationships, obtaining an education, and the successful career he has today. Despite the cards that society has handed us, we are still destined for greatness!

Love At First Bite

I am extremely proud and honored to share one of the biggest books we have ever published! Camilah Campbell & I started "Love At First Bite" in 2018 and here we are. This book will literally force you to get up and make some of these delicious recipes for your friends & family. Click on the link below to purchase!

Leigha & Lauryn's Yummy Cookies

Such a cute and fun story as we watch these twins bake their mommy's special treats! An interactive story with a hidden recipe at the back of the book! Click the link below to check it out on Amazon!

LL cover.jpg
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How Cairo Grows

Dive into this fun and energetic story as mommy describes all the ways that little Cairo will grow! A great read for new moms and babies! Click the link below to purchase.

Quick Guide: All Natural Baby Foods for Breast Feeding Moms

Take a look into this guide as Adrian Sims provides some of her tips as a new mom when it comes to breast feeding and providing her baby with nutritious meals and snacks! check it out!

Christmas With Cairo

It's Christmas time. Have you been a good boy or girl? Let's see if Cairo has been behaving all year long. Read as Cairo makes sweet treats, decorates the tree, and spends quality time with the people he loves the most. After all, that's what the holidays are about!

Climbing Out The Hood Pain

Imagine not being able to escape the hurt, pain, and betrayal you've constantly faced growing up. Get into the very first urban-fiction book that we've ever published and see how author, Anntonette climbs her way to better days. Go check it out here!

Climbing Out The Hood Pain Book

Le` Don Essentials: Try New Heights

Le` Don Essentials: Try New Heights is a deep dive into the mind of Chi Uwazurike, also known as Le` Don. For ten years, Le1 Don has helped individuals become the greatest version of themselves and has demonstrated superior excellence through entrepreneurship, fashion, branding, and events. Read as he inspires others and continues the legacy he has started!

The Fundamentals Throughout College

Transitioning from high school to college can be very complex for most high school students. Kashon personally felt as though he was not prepared for other opportunities in life other than college. This book was developed to provide deeper insight about the college life after high school. His intent was not to degrade anybody’s path, but to shed light on opportunities. Reading with an open mind is essential. Check it out!

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