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Where Dreams Become Realities

Aspired Dreams LLC.

Aspired Dreams is a book consulting company, based in NYC. Our goal is to inspire and motivate writers to believe in their visions, turning their dreams into realities. We take pride in providing immaculate editing, ghostwriting, proofreading, and publishing consultation services. We will take your simple manuscripts, and turn them into a published, polished piece of literature.  Take a look at the books we've produced for clients so far!

If you have dreams of writing and publishing a book, under the "Booking" tab, schedule a consultation so we can turn your dreams into realities too!

Aspired Dreams LLC.: Recent Books
glens cover final.JPG

The Naked Truth

After ghostwriting this book, I've probably read it nearly 500 times and each time is just as inspirational! This book first started out as a weight lost guide, but soon turned into someone's light at the end of the tunnel. Click the link below to check it out on Amazon!

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